Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hidden Gem from RIM and DataViz

RIM and T-Mobile just released the 4.5 device software upgrade for their BlackBerry Curve. One of the features of the new device software is Word To Go and Slideshow To Go from DataViz. Within those programs DataViz has hidden a real bonus for you. When you register the product with DataViz (Register is a menu option within Word To Go and Slideshow To Go), they will offer you a free upgrade to version 1.002 of Documents To Go. O.K., so it doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade, but it is. You see, you are getting version 1.002 of the whole suite, not just Word or Slideshow. This means that your registration and subsequent upgrade will add Sheets To Go to your BlackBerry. Now you have the ability to edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents right on your BlackBerry. Bonus!

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